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Positive Results Clientele includes MNC's and large software companies in India and overseas from Information Technology, Biotechnology, Finance, Engineering, FMCG etc. 
Few names from our Clientele
Adobe Systems Ltd
Lucent Technologies
Logica CMG
Avaya India
Motorola India Electronics Ltd.
Axes Technologies
Mentor Graphics Ltd.
Cadence Systems
Microchip Technologies
Celstream Technologies
Mascot Systems
Deccanet Designs Ltd
Meru Networks
DCM ASIC Technologies Ltd. Misys Healthcare Systems
Emerio GlobeSoft, Singapore Navini Networks
Future Techno Designs
Novell Software Development
Frontier Software
Ness Technologies
Genesis Microchip (formerly Sage Designs)
Oracle Software India Ltd.
Hewlett Packard India Ltd.
Philips Software Centre
Hughes Software Systems Ltd
Reliance Industries Ltd.
HCL Technologies
Sun Microsystems
IBM India Ltd.
SAP India Ltd.
Ishoni Networks
Sasken Communication Technologies
Intel Technologies
Scandent Group
I-flex Solutions India Ltd.
SIS Software
Infosys Technologies
Samsung Electronics

Ionic Microsystems (P) Ltd.

Isoftel (Amoeba Telecom)
United Microelecgtronics
July Systems